Reply to Steve, Miguel and Dan – We Do Have Some Agreement

All of us agree that some violence and attacks on government security forces have been perpetrated by protestors apparently linked to the opposition, and that a purely peaceful protest strategy would be much more effective on the opposition’s part.

Steve and I agree that government supporters’ fear of a witch hunt, with memories of 2002 post-coup persecutions, needs to be addressed by the opposition, and due process guaranteed.

Miguel, Dan and I agree that the call for a National Constituent Assembly by Maduro at this point in time, and in the manner it was done, will not contribute to resolving the political and economic crisis, and may exacerbate it.  I invite Steve to tell us if he we have a consensus on this point, which would be important to highlight.

I also invite the others to make explicit proposals for how they see a breaking of the logjam, a movement forward from this stalemate, and the beginning of reconciliation in Venezuela.

By Jennifer McCoy, Georgia State University

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  1. Dear friends of Venezuela,

    Jennifer “invite the others” to make her explizit proposals. And how? I don’t find an email address of the editor group of this blog. I wrote an email to Mark Weisbrot, but he never answered.

    The political space is the public space. We know it, maybe. But we know also, that the political space was always the space of mafia, a hidden space, Clandestino. Mostly the autors live in USA. Therefore, you know it and see it everywhere and everyday.

    Some autors wrote about democratic process. Can you told me, in what country in the “West” you see democratic prosses? I never saw it, never i read about. But we know it from Venezuela.

    The Saker published yesterday:
    Don’t Cry For Me Venezuela
    by Jimmie Moglia, 28.06.2017

    In this text you find the reality. The Italian community in Venezuela and the Soros action groups. The last act with the dollars. The first with the people in Venezuela.

    In my life time in Venezuela i understand very fast, where is the problem. They have no open space for her discussion and working for her future. It is the same like in North America or West-Europe. The space of open interchange of our ideas and perspectives don’t exist. It is dominated of private and reactionary state groups.

    Very often i start a discussion about the FIAT money system. But the people in venezuela understand it instinctively, but not concrete. But if we spaek in USA/Canada or Germany/France about, it is the same.

    We are not able to create our economical space on the street. All technical processes need a specific environment. And be clear, i don’t speak here about money. In the economy we don’t find money. This you find only in the distributionsystem, a virtual layer over the reality.

    And nearly all academics and “politicans” live in this virtual reality. They have no connection to the reality. And the most don’t like to have this connection.

    This should be the substance in this discussion. It can help you to understand your own reality in the USA.

    many thanks and greetings, willi
    Asuncion, Paraguay

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